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Name:Jan Silberstorff
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Mon 06.11.2318:00 - 18:45
Tue 07.11.2318:00 - 18:45
Wed 08.11.2318:00 - 18:45
Thu 09.11.2318:00 - 18:45
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An in-depth webinar & training with Master Jan Silberstorff - First ever in English

The unique ten day, in-depth training will give participants a profound understanding of the Daodejing and deep insights that will last well after the course is over. Master Silberstorff is fluent in Chinese, has studied the old characters extensively over many decades for their layered meaning and evolution. His commentaries therefore come firsthand from the original Chinese text and yet no Chinese knowledge is needed for the student to gain direct insight. 

The webinar takes place over two consecutive weekends and the weekdays in-between. The experience will be a combination of both recorded and live sessions to maximize the opportunity to train within multiple time zones and prioritize some of the material within one’s schedule. Friday evenings include a recorded lecture, Saturday and Sunday are live sessions, and each day, Monday until Thursday, have four recorded short meditations, coupled with a learning task for each.

All who finish the course receive a certificate of completion.

The live sessions will take place from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm US Pacific Time (until 04.11. PDT = UTC-07:00, from 05.11. PST = UTC-8:00).


Fri. Nov 03
3-hour introduction to the DAO of Daodejing (recorded)
Sat. Nov 04
4-hour seminar on the basics of DAO (live) 
Sun. Nov 05
4-hour seminar on advanced studies of the DAO (live) 
Mon.-Thu. Nov 06-09
45-minute daily guided meditations and reflective tasks on individual aspects of specific sections of the DAO (recorded)
Fri. Nov 10
3-hour introduction to the DE of Daodejing (recorded)
Sat. Nov 11
4-hour seminar on the basics of DE (live) 
Sun. Nov 12
4-hour seminar on advanced studies DE. Conclusion DAO-DE (live)

The unique webinar, presented for the first time ever in English, includes a total of 25 hours of qualified and personal Daodejing training. It will be recorded so students may re-watch for up to 3 weeks.


Kimberly Ivy
Embrace the Moon - School for Taijiquan and Qigong

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