Videos of Interviews with Jan Silberstorff

Gil Rodrigues interviews Jan Silberstorff

On October 1st, 2022, Jan's friend and colleague Gil Rodrigues from Sao Paulo interviewed him about the old Chenjiagou.

Dao-Talk: Interview with Jan Silberstorff

Joachim Stuhlmacher (Lotus-Press) in conversation with Taiji master Jan Silberstorff

Documentation by Chinese Students

Chinese students from ZDS Peking, FU and HU Berlin document the work of WCTAG based on interviews and short demos. The focus is on the extent to which the spiritual background of Taijiquan can be integrated into Western culture and can be reconciled with it. This included an interview with master Jan Silberstorff. The full length of the video is available in the member area. (Language: German)

"MDR um 11"

This video comes from the MDR media library for the broadcast "MDR um 11" on August 29, 2016. Impressions from Jan's seminar in Mageburg and a live interview can be seen. (Language: German)

Ken Gullett interviews Jan Silberstorff

Here is an 80-minute podcast of an interview Ken Gullett had with Jan Silberstorff. It was taken in Los Angeles in January 2016. (Language: English)