Chen Style Taijiquan according to Chen Xiaowang

The Chen style Taijiquan of the WCTAG is taught in Germany and worldwide in a direct lineage from the original founder of Taijiquan through his direct descendant, Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang, today's main representative of Chen Taijiquan.

This family style is characterised by its clear, sequential path of practice. The focus here is on harmonising body and mind, creating an awareness of inner and outer movements and experiencing a self-supporting structure and the resulting balance. The movement principle of Taijiquan is methodically and didactically elaborated in the form of basic exercises (standing meditation and basic routines). This principle is put into practice in the various hand and weapon forms. A review takes place in partner work. This can be done cooperatively or, by agreement, against each other.

The manifold practical benefits of this Taijiquan system are given by its holistic approach. Aspects of meditation, philosophy, self-defence, energy work and life care are combined in a unique way. Taijiquan can be used for health and martial purposes.

The Taijiquan system of WCTAG is in the direct tradition of the Chen family. The teaching is based on modern sports science findings. The work is body-oriented, the way of practising is transparent in theory as well as in practice. This is the prerequisite for long-term and self-directed learning. Provided the will for self-awareness and training diligence, Chen Taijiquan can be experienced and learned in all its depths.