Taijiquan as Vocational Training

Concept of WCTAG

In vocational training, WCTAG pays particular attention to seriousness and quality. There is a reason for that. Our teachers grow up within our family to what they later represent. We are not a commercial training machine that trains the so-called Taiji teachers quickly and then leaves them on the street with some kind of diploma. Our teachers are supported by the association at all times and, in turn, contribute to the further expansion of the association. That they teach under our name guarantees that we give them quality. After all, who would like to have bad teachers in their own ranks?

We traditionally see ourselves as one big family. From an economic point of view as a family business. Everyone does his part to complete the whole. And everyone benefits from it. In this way, the association can arrange jobs, advertise its teachers and support their teaching in all forms. The teacher ensures that every student not only receives qualified lessons, but also establishes the link between student and master until he has risen to become a master himself. This ensures the best possible student support. All areas and parts of the association come together to form a whole. Though each instructor remains responsible for his or her work.

So the material taught is always the same, but the teaching mentality differs from teacher to teacher. The training takes place individually as part of weekly courses, seminars and / or private lessons. As long or so short until the quality of the next training level is achieved. Then, after consultation, the exam takes place. It represents both an examination, an agreement and additional training, the end of which represents a new phase in the trainee's career.

The training corresponds to the official regulations of the health insurance companies, legislators and the German "Umbrella Organization for Taijiquan & Qigong e.V. (DDQT)", whose guidelines we configured significantly involved.

Level of Education  Time (min.)  Qualification  Contents
Assistant Trainer 2 years Assistant training Standing posture
Reeling silk 1+2
Push hands 1
19 Form
Course Trainer 4 years own weekly courses 1st Form Laojia
Push hands 2
Weapons basics
Self-defence basics
Teacher 9 years own school Saber Form
Sword Form
Stick/Spear Form
Halberd Form
Push hands 3-5
2nd Form Laojia (Paochui)
38 Form
Applications and Self-defence
Conceptual Theory
Instructor 12 years Interregional training courses 1st + 2nd Form Xinjia
Double Sword Form
Double Sword Form
Ball Form
Double Mace Form
Short Stick Form 1+2
Three-stage sitting meditation


Admission to the „assistant trainer or „course trainer“ examination is only possible with the respective registration form and written confirmation. Both must be brought to the examination together with the membership card and the examination fee.

The training is fully recognized by the "Umbrella Association for Taijiquan and Qigong e.V. (DDQT)" and can be licensed by them.