You would like to become a member?

The membership in the WCTAG is the basic requirement for the qualified and unrestricted learning of the classical Taijiquan after Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang.
The official beginning of the training is the entry date on the membership card.

There is the possibility of an active membership for an annual fee of € 48.00 or a passive membership for € 29.00 per year.
Passive membership is intended for members who, generally or temporarily, do not participate in training activities.

Children and adolescents up to 14 years pay a reduced membership fee of € 24.00, up to 18 years € 29.00.

The benefits for our passive members:

  • Admission to the Taiji family of Grand Master Chen Xiaowang
  • Free access to the members area of ​​the WCTAG website
  • Free access to "Taiji University" on the WCTAG website
  • Learning and partial housing in over 20 countries
  • Regular information about the WCTAG
  • Admission to the IAMTJQA, umbrella organization Chenjiagous in the PRC
  • Passive membership in the "Taijiquan and Qigong Network" and the "Tai Chi Chuan Federation Europe (TCFE)"

and additionally for our active members:

  • Entitled to the complete knowledge and material of Chen Taijiquan
  • Substantial discounts on all seminars organized by WCTAG
  • Discounts on the WCTAG shipping items (exception: third-party manufacturers and books)
  • Discounted weekly rates (about 3, - Euro per month)
  • Protected prices and discounts at seminars of teachers of WCTAG organized by foreign tour operators
  • Recognized training as a WCTAG teacher after joining (see Schooling)
  • Full recognition of the "German umbrella organization for Qigong and Taijiquan" (DDQT) and corresponding certification authority

The application form can be submitted online or in writing.