Videos on Demand

Various videos by Jan Silberstorff in German language are also available as Video on Demand (partly also on loan or as single chapters) at Lotus-Press and Vimeo:

Living and Dying in Taiji Principle (Webinar 21-Nov-2020)

The Daodejing and the Bible (Webinar  17-Oct-2020)

Blockages and Breathing (Webinar 19-Sep-2020)

The Taiji Principle (Webinar 31-Jul-2020)

Three Step Taiji Sitting Meditation (3 Webinars 13 to 17-Jul-2020)

The Taiji Principle (2013)

Pushing Hands

The Five Levels of Taijiquan

Taiji Sword Fighting

Series of Lectures on Taijiquan

  1. Introduction and History of Taijiquan
  2. Taiji - a Philosophy
  3. Taiji - Inner Energy Work
  4. Taiji - a Martial Art