The Qingjingjing

The Qingjingjing, "the classic of the silence and truth", describes in summary the essence of the DAO and gives instructions how to achieve lasting peace. The goal is the attainment of immortality through purification of consciousness, alchemical self-transformation through thoughtlessness, the abandonment of desires, as well as the return to the original consciousness and thus the restoration of the so-called "radiant luminous mind" or the "true essence nature".

The text is so comprehensive in its depth that in principle everything is said for the inner spiritual path both to the perception and to the completion of the DAO on the level of meditative immersion.

Scholars date the text to the middle of the Táng Dynasty (618-907 AD). The Qingjing had a fundamental influence on various Daoist movements during the Táng and especially during the Sòng dynasty (960-1279 CE) and is an essential part of Daoism today.

Thus, this booklet is intended to help on the inner path to silence and clarity and thereby for the development of inner peace and inner liberation hopefully a valuable contribution.

The text was translated by Master Jan Silberstorff. An integrated text-coherent dictionary, which enables the reader to make independent re-translations, was created by Manuela Schönfeld.

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