Chen Xiaowang



Cohort 1946, born in Chenjiagou, PR China. Chen Xiaowang is the main official representative and heir of the Chen Taijiquan tradition in the world. He is the 19th generation of the patriarchs and the chief ancestor of the Chen family, like the leading masters of history before him, especially Chen Wangting, Chen Changxing and Chen Fake. Also as one of the world's leading masters of calligraphy, the Grand Master is officially recognized as “State Treasure of the PR China” among many other awards. He regularly gives seminars worldwide, including in Germany. Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang is already a living legend. His concern is not only the global spread of Taijiquan, but the preservation of the authentic apprenticeship. The WCTA founded by him with the help of Jan Silberstorff is the largest Taijiquan association in the world.