"Chen Fake" by Master Jan Silberstorff

In 1992, an old village teacher of Chenjiagou, the place of origin of Taijiquan, handed over to the now internationally known Taiji master Jan Silberstorff an older manuscript containing a biography of Chen Fake - one of the greatest Taiji masters of all time. Written by an eyewitness, himself. He lived with Chen Fake in the same accommodation in Beijing and wrote this biography from Chen Fake's first person perspective. Or did he write down from memory what the latter told him? So is this biography perhaps an indirect autobiography of Chen Fake?

This book contains an account of the adventurous, nearly three-decade journey of this manuscript, the manuscript itself in its original Chinese, and a high-quality German translation. It is the first Western book that also shows Chen Fake in his full photo representation of his first Taiji form.

An extremely valuable contemporary document, which expands much of what has been handed down about the "First in Taiji" by important parts and often shows him in a different light - the great Chen Fake suddenly becomes tangible as a human being!

The work is rounded off by an introduction, a general biography of Chen Fake and some afterthoughts by Jan Silberstorff.


Chen Fake
by Jan Silberstorff

Hardcover, chapter ribbon and ribbon bookmark
high-quality thread stitching (no adhesive binding)
212 pages
22.95€ (incl. VAT, plus shipping costs)

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