In the beginning was the Dao

The Bible and the Daodejing as Ecumenical Signposts of Our Being or: How Seekers of Meaning in the East Can Find the West Again.
By Jan Silberstorff

with Christian and Daoist calligraphies in seal script by Wang Ning
Hardcover with ribbon. 416 pages.

This book refers on the basis of the Bible and the Daodejing (Tao Te King), the holy book of Daoism, to a common, supra-worldly basic truth, which is independent of culture and is now also supported by physics. It points out which sentences of one holy scripture have a counterpart in the other. How Christian truths of faith can be virtually proven by Eastern spirituality and vice versa. It does not try to make two religions equal. But it is meant to give a common answer as to how and why we came into being. It is also intended to help people in the West, who have turned their backs on their religious culture in disappointment and found answers in the East, to regain access to their spiritual home.

This work is supported by a variety of source research across the centuries, translated in part directly from Hebrew, ancient Greek and Latin, as well as from the Chinese Bible and the Daodejing in its originals.

The title 'In the Beginning was the Dao' is taken from the standard Protestant version of the Chinese Bible.

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