Lecture series by Jan Silberstorff

Some time ago Jan Silberstorff had published a comprehensive four-part lecture series on Taijiquan on VHS. The topics of the individual lectures were:

1. Introduction and history of Taijiquan
2. Taiji - a philosophy
3. Taiji - inner energy work
4. Taiji - a martial art

The videotapes are no longer available or will soon be. Moreover, hardly anyone uses this medium anymore. Therefore we have digitized the videos and made them available as Video on Demand on Vimeo.

Please note that the quality of the videos cannot be better than the source material on VHS. But what's said is what's important

The link to Vimeo is vimeo.com/ondemand/allabouttaijiquan.

You can buy a single video or rent it for 30 days, or buy the entire series or rent it for three months. Payment is handled directly through Vimeo via Paypal or credit card.