Live webinars on the Laojia Yilu

Jan Silberstorff will teach the 43 different figures of the 1st Form of the Old Frame in a series of live webinars starting in early 2021. For each figure, a webinar of at least two hours duration is planned.

The webinar is dedicated to those who want to deepen their knowledge and skills of this form at a high level. It also offers beginners the opportunity to re-learn the form in combination with the review of the lessons on Vimeo.

One webinar includes:

  • explanation of the origin of the movement as well as its name interpretation
  • multiple demonstrations from different sides
  • detailed explanations of
  • the outer movement
  • the inner energy work
  • practicing together
  • examples of application of the figure from TaijiPRO
  • personal questions
  • verbal corrections

So that those who have not yet learned the Laojia can also join in and to complete it for the advanced, the transitions of the individual sections including their repetitions will now also be covered.

Those who are practicing a short form and not the 1st form Laojia can specifically sign up for the webinars where the figures from their form will be discussed.

Duration of the entire course:

At least 2 years


Starting January 2021 mostly two Fridays per month from 6-8 p.m.


Single Webinar:
12,- € (Members) /15,- € (Non members)
bookable in each case after the date announcement

Entire webinar series for members:
430,- € (instead of 516,- € for single booking)

Entire webinar series for non members:
550,- € (instead of 645,- € for single booking)


Booking the entire webinar series also includes free access to the recordings of all webinars already held for the duration of the entire course for personal review.


Booking and payment processing is done via our Shop under "Live-Webinare". There you can also find more info.