Master Jan Silberstorff in Salzburg

In October, Master Jan Silberstorff teaches for the first time in Salzburg, Austria. It is organized by our WCTAG course traner and chairman of the "Chinese Martial Arts Union Salzburg", Dominic Schafflinger.


Fri 18-Oct-24 – 18:30 ‑ 21:00
  Lecture at the University of Salzburg (free of charge)
Sat 19-Oct-24 – 14:00 ‑ 19:00
  Standing meditation and reeling silk exercises, 19 Form, 1st Form Laojia
Sat 19-Oct-24 – 19:15 ‑ 20:15
Sun 20-Oct-24 – 11:00 ‑ 16:00
  19 Form, 1st Form Laojia

Registration and info:

Dominic Schafflinger
Chinese Martial Arts Union Salzburg
Mail: info(at) 

and here on our website