My autobiography

This very special and quite literally unique webinar series begins on 1 March at 18:00. The preferential price is valid until the start of the event, i.e. also 1 March until 18:00 (after that € 430.00) and can also be paid in four instalments at six-month intervals. Please contact Brit in the office by e-mail, thank you!

I'm really looking forward to this two- to three-year event, for which I've already put together lots of materials, photos and videos. Those of you who follow me on Facebook already see some previews from time to time. For example, my attempt to travel the world in both directions without an aeroplane and without money to China, Photos from my punk days etc. But the adventures of my life are just a warm-up for the real thing: to describe situations and encounters with people/masters who have had an important influence on me in the same goal: the search for the best Taiji and the original reason for being and our purpose in it. With this biography, I hope to provide not only so-called 'coaching', but also a great deal of instruction and motivation. And of course it will be very entertaining. As always, it's about adventure, wisdom and gongfu - high skill!

This 40-part event will also be a certain conclusion to my life so far and the start of something surprisingly new.

As always, you can find all information and registration options for my biography here in our shop.